A Little 'Highland Woods' History!

We are located in the heart of the Lanark Highlands with just under 200 wooded acres. This land was originally granted to Scottish and Irish settlers in the early 1800's. At that time every able bodied man over the age of 21 was granted 100 acres from the British government. Although the intention of the original settlers was to farm each parcel of land, it soon became apparent that the only lands that could be cultivated were those located in floodplains, along rivers or adjacent to lakes. Consequently, most settlers opted to perform timber-related activities instead. Early industrial activity typically included grist mills, flour mills, pork-packing and tanning establishments - soon followed by the introduction of maple syrup operations,lumbering, saw mills, furniture activities and fishing.

Although this property has changed hands thoughout the years, our goal as its current property owners is to tread lightly on the land, encourage growth and sustainable forest
management practices.

We are more than happy too be able to share our unique property with our guests. The rolling landscape is dotted with boulders and numerous rock outcropings. Fully treed, we have a vast assortment of Coniferous and Deciduous species teaming with wildlife. Don't be surprised to see a number of deer on your stay, not to mention wild turkey, fox, otter, pileated woodpeckers, beaver, ruffled grouse, loons, osprey, porcupines and the occasional bear.

'Sugar lake' is approximately 1.5 km in length and somewhat shallow. Completely secluded with your own private dock, very picturesque, perfect for canoeing, swimming or basking in the sun. There are no motorized boats on this lake.


Other activities include bird watching, hiking, star gazing and campfires in the evening. This is the perfect spot for a quiet family retreat or a private romantic getaway.

*Maybe its time to add a little 'Sugar' to your life!*


Highlandwoods is a serine and tranquil setting, perfect for couples, families and the environmentally conscious. We ask that all of our guests respect the peace and privacy of their distant cottaging neighbours.